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Bits & Pieces – CW 14

Bits & Pieces – CW 14, I think it is more or less going to be about this Sunday, at least the pictures will be : ) But let’s start with the beginning.

This week was overall amazing! Not too special, filled with lots of work and time at the library, cozy evenings at home, finding my focus, getting things done and spending a wonderful Sunday. My highlight of this week was on Friday, when I finished writing the first half of my thesis. Oh, what a good feeling. And what made it even better? When my boyfriend came home with red roses, just because he was happy for me (Thank you again!). Next to working so much I also ate good and healthy. I usually stick to a healthy diet, but the last weeks I just enjoyed eating whatever I was craving. So I ended up not feeling too good about my body and decided to change that again! Which I successfully did this last week and want to continue since I already feel a lot better and much more energized. I also was ‘craving’ to do some yoga, which I hadn’t done in a long time. So two nights in a row, I did yoga and felt it amazing. But oh boy, I have sore muscles now. Apart from that, last night I went out for drinks with friends after work, which was the perfect end to a six-working-days-week.

All the time this week I was looking forward to Sunday, my day off. And so far it has been amazing. I got up this morning, had a delicious bowl of oats with pineapple and prepared the dough for the buns, that I wanted to bake later. I then went for a run with my friend and had an amazing chat while working out. Back at home, I took a hot shower, which you know I love from the last post, and baked those super delicious buns. Together with the omelette, my boyfriend prepared, I had them for lunch, sitting in the sun on our balcony. And of course, some espresso was involved afterwards. Uii and some healthy cookies I baked on Friday. They still need some improvement before I share the recipe with you. Other than that, I got caught up on my favorite blogs, pinterest and instagram. Next up is cleaning the apartment, getting prepared for the next week and maybe watch a movie – any tips?

DSC_2425 Thesis, thesis, thesis!

DSC_2427What can I say? I was overwhelmed by this surpriseI am such a girl who loves nothing more than getting flowers just like that.

DSC_2409This is where I spent most my day today, checking my blogs, drinking coffee, having lunch and dreaming away.

DSC_2411Oh, sooo goodone of them filled with walnuts and carrots, the others with dried tomatoes and walnuts!

DSC_2440It’s time for coffee

she knew this transition was not...Sunday quote



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