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Thoughts # 1 : Happiness



Everyday we wake up. Everyday we wake up with a certain feeling, a certain mood. Everyday we wake up with the chance of a beautiful day. With the power to create, to inspire, to feel, to eat, to dance, to sing, to cry, to smile, to love. We hold the power in our own hands. I can feel it heavy on my chest. I wish for a beautiful day, I want to be happy. Everyday I wake up. Everyday I wake up feeling different. Everyday I wish for a beautiful day. Everyday I tell myself to make most out of it. But not everyday I achieve that. Somedays just a little something can turn my mood around. Somedays I wake up feeling amazing, and just a few moments later, this feeling slowly shifts into something else, something rather amazing. I don’t always see it coming, don’t always know how to interact to get it to stop. Simply because I can’t identify the trigger. Luckily, those days are just a few. Luckily, most of the time I know what to do, to make me dive back into happiness. But some days I don’t. Somedays I lack the ability to make myself happy. And there are also days when I know exactly what to do and simply can’t do it. I guess that is what makes me human. I am not perfect. No one is. Not everyday is always „the best day ever“. How could it? We wouldn’t even be able to identify it out of 365 „the best day ever“-feelings. We are humans. Always dreaming. Always wishing for something better. Always wanting to go higher. Always wanting to achieve more. Dreaming is beautiful. Wishing is needed to grow. Setting higher goals is necessary to develop your own personality. And achievements are what keeps us going. If we just wouldn’t loose the skill to remember the good. To be happy with where we are, what we have. To point out the people around us that make us happy, the moments we live that make us happy, the songs we sing that make us happy, the food we eat that makes us happy. The little things that put a smile on our face.
So let’s take a moment. Relax. Breathe. Close our eyes.

What is it that makes you happy?

What is it that make me happy?

  • Waking up next to my boyfriend
  • Drinking a good! coffee
  • Looking at the photograph from this post I cut out of a magazine three years ago
  • Turning the music on, dancing around in the apartment and singing out loud
  • Buying fresh flowers or better getting them from someone : )
  • A wonderful chat with my friends
  • Coming home from a long day at the library to a dinner cooked by my boyfriend
  • A hot shower at night after a long run or an exhausting day
  • Playing cards with my family
  • And a lot of other things…



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