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Challenge # 3.1 & # 3.2


Challenge # 3.1 

Another week is over, another challenge needs to be reflected. Last weekend I decided that it was time to get a little bit more organized, get back on track (seen HERE). I had felt the urge for some days, so I decided to make this my goal. I sat down on Monday morning, wrote a to do list, checked my calendar for appointments and planned out my week. I had some fix dates, like work or Meetups with friends, but also a lot of free time, mostly to be spent at the library. At the beginning of the week I felt very focused, got everything done and felt good. I made set dates for my posts and felt so good about publishing them in time. Also with my thesis, which is a big part of my life right now, I got so much done. I found a balance between work, writing my thesis, meeting friends and spending time by myself. But by the middle of the week on Wednesday morning, I just wanted to stay at home, relax and didn’t do anything. Luckily, one comment on the blog made me realize that I was in the middle of a challenge. It got me motivated for the whole day. Towards the weekend I got a little lost and forgot about my plans, didn’t really look at my calendar or to do list.

So what did I learn? I love starting my week full of appointments, meetings and work. Since I usually take Sunday completely off, neither working on my thesis or other things, only my blog, I am usually motivated on Monday morning. My power stays until Wednesday and then I usually start to feel the urge to stay at home. So by Wednesday I need a little reminder for myself. I guess I need to figure something out for that. So basically if I push myself for two days straight, the third date needs a little bit more free time. And then there is the weekend. With Friday around the corner, I get into the weekend-mood, which means that I rather relax, cook, bake or clean the apartment, then writing my thesis or getting other things done.

to do

Challenge # 3.2 

Since I feel that I can still learn about my own habits and how I can create my day best, I decided to continue the challenge for one more week. I want to make it a ritual to check my calender and to do list every morning to plan my day, see what i want to get done and at night reflecting on how I did. My basic plan this week:
Monday: blog post +  work
Tuesday: appointment + work
Wednesday: thesis + some time for myself (Learned this last week. Need to find something to look forward too)
Thursday: thesis + blog post
Firday: thesis (Push yourself, think about the weekend ahead!)
Saturday: half the day thesis and then weekend
Sunday: Freetime, blogging, enjoying my day

It is already Monday morning and I spent time at home, preparing breakfast and lunch, getting ready and writing this post. I feel a little off, have a headache and would love to do nothing more than to stay in bed. This is not how I like to start my week. Good that I have to go to work soon, which means earning money and getting distracted : )  Now I only have to figure out how to remind myself of my own goals in the middle of the week. Any ideas?

As always I keep you updated.



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