Me, Myself & I

Goodbye Birne, hello Blueberry


Dear Birne,

six years ago, on a summer day, I held you in my arms for the first time. The first laptop I ever owned. Oh, I was a happy girl. I named you after a fruit, pear, that I can’t eat without getting goosebumps. We went to so much together. You helped me finish my high school. After that we travelled together all those miles to the US, stayed there for a year, collected lots of pictures.You let me skype with my family and organize my trips. You helped me apply for my university. Back in Germany we moved together 800km south to start a new chapter of my life. In my new home, we created my university timetable. We discovered blogs, got inspired, watched movies together. We talked to my family, to my brother. We stayed in contact via mail and Facebook with my friends all over the world. I could feel that you were getting tired. I tried to help you, increased your ram. But I could feel that you were suffering. I pushed you to the limits when I started my blog, started editing pictures. You stayed with me. Went to the library and wrote my thesis. I had your support. Always. In the end, I knew I had to let go, give you your well deserved break. And I did. I am thankful for you! You were a wonderful friend and we spent an amazing six years together. I know you are still there for me. But rest now. Enjoy your vacation. I will check in on you, see how you are. Thank you for everything.







Dear Blueberry,

Welcome to my family! I am so excited that you finally came to me two weeks ago. It wasn’t easy to wait for your arrival. I got super excited when I heard you were here. I got to get you just a couple of minutes after I heard you were here. As with Birne, I named you after a fruit, this time after one of my favorites. I don’t know where this habit comes from. Oh boy, we already had so much fun together. Everything seems to be so easy for you. Nothing makes you sweat. You are in the flow. You already turned into a very good friend and am excited to see what we will explore and experience together. I can feel how excited you are getting while I am writing this. But for now, let’s enjoy the evening and get a good night’s sleep.






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