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Challenge # 3

A couple of weeks back, I started a little Sunday ritual. I make myself some tea, take out my calendar, notebook and diary – yes, I am a stationary addict : ) -, think about the last week and write my bits and pieces post. While already sitting at my desk,I started to make it a habit to write a weekly to do-list. It helps me to know what I want to accomplish every week and what needs to be done. The last weeks seemed to go on a little unplanned. I did write my lists, but I didn’t stick to them. A lot of  events came up –  such as my surprise birthday visit from my mom or my trip to Munich. I went with the flow. I didn’t say no. I wasn’t focused. I wasn’t consistent. I did spent a lot of good times. Enjoyed beautiful things. I got inspired. I love being spontaneous, but I also love having some structure in my life. Especially when I know that certain things need to be done, such as my thesis. So this weekend I caught myself being anxious about my studies and scared of sitting down in front of my laptop and face my anxiety. I wasn’t the best fellow, because I wasn’t happy with me. I knew what I needed, but it took me some time to work on it: a plan, some structure, a routine.

Challenge # 3

Challenge # 3

So while I was sitting down yesterday, writing my to do-list, I decided to be a little more organized this week. I want to stick to my plan. Work out a routine. Find a balance between working on my thesis and my free time. I hope that this will make me calm down. Make me to enjoy my time more. Don’t feel torn between all the things in my life – thesis, family, friends, blog. Not being anxious about my thesis. Of course, there are unplanned events. Such as today when problems with the train made me to change my plans, because one of my  best friends couldn’t make it to lunch on time. I got overwhelmed by that, stressed. Luckily, I realized it in time and managed to calm down. And you know what? I spent a wonderful afternoon with a lot of food and good talks.

A long text. A lot of thoughts. It helped to write it down. So this week: being organized, sticking to a plan, but realizing when the plan needs to be changed in order to be happy. That is what counts: being happy and not being stressed. The challenge is on!



4 thoughts on “Challenge # 3

  1. aw i hope your week is working out the way you you’ve planned it. i’m always full of good intentions on mondays but come mid week and all of them seem to have flown out the window. writing it down is a good plan, i should try that more often x

    • Dear Moira, Thank you for commenting.I know exactly what you mean. Thats why I thought it would help me to publish it here. So far my week went as planned. I have to thank you for it. Reading your comment this morning made me to get out of bed full of motivation, although I just wanted to stay in bed the whole day.
      By the end of the week I will give a full update on how everything went 🙂 Have a great day, Ronja

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