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Bits & Pieces – CW 12 – Munich

Oh how I love short getaways! Strolling through the streets, enjoying lovely food, seeing new things, getting inspired, spending time with your loved onesnothing beats those days. So after I made my decision to come to Munich with my boyfriend, that is exactly what we did. We met friends of ours and had a wonderful dinner. I was laughing so much, that my jawbone started to hurt. I got inspired and had amazing new ideas for my blog and other projects. It was simply lovely.

Sadly the reality came back way too quick. I was working for 9h yesterday and was exhausted at the end of it. I started to get worried because of my thesis and suddenly everything was too much. I got caught up in negative thoughts and in a bad mood. It continued until today. Sometimes I just can’t get out of those moments. I knew what would help me today, but instead of listening to myself, I turned around and did exactly what I shouldn’t have done. Maybe some of you out there know what I mean and have those moments too. Usually there is always something good coming out of these times. Also today. Instead of working for my thesis, I started to search bloglovin. Oh, I found amazing blogsso many beautiful ideas, amazing pictures and great personalties. I guess I am gonna go back to those in a little bit and enjoy the rest of my evening.

CW 12 in one word: Inspiration

DSC_2275Spending time with my boyfriend in Munich and playing around with my camera

DSC_2287Oh, seeing this pink icecreamcart made me as happy as a little girl

DSC_2291Who doesn’t want to sit here?

DSC_2294Frozen Yoghurt breakyummy

DSC_2308Loved the color and texture of this fabric in a beautiful Persian restaurant

DSC_2314I also fell in love with this beautiful lamp there

Untitled.jpgMy mantra for the next week

Have a lovely start into CW 13 – Can you believe March is almost over?



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