Me, Myself & I

Spontanious Two-Day-Get-Away

Oh I am so excited, so I had to share. This is what happened yesterday:

BF: I have to go to Munich, tomorrow.

Me: Oh, oh, oh…. (getting overwhelmed, stressed)

BF: Do you want to come? (Big, cute, convincing smile)

Me: I don’t know. I have to write my thesis and I didn’t do anything the last days. I feel bad. But I can decide when I want to work and when I take my weekend, so maybe I can. I don’t know. (Too many thoughts, totally unsure of what to do)

BF: I understand. (Sad face)

Me: Let me think…

Ten minutes, a lot of thoughts and inner pro/contra-list later:

Me: Yes! Let’s go!

So here we go! Off to Munich in just a few hours. Two days. Sunshine. 23°C. Coffeee. Walks. Thoughts. Talks. Inspiration. Photography. Happiness. Love. Friends.

DSC_2255My essentials: Notebook and pen-you never know when you will have a great idea-, sunglasses-Hello Spirng and 23°C- and of course my camera!



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