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Bits & Pieces – CW 10&11

Hello Sunday, hello world. Another two weeks went by and it is time to collect those last week’s pictures. As always I enjoy going through my calendar to see what has been happening.

CW 10: This was the first week of my challenge project – seen here and here. My main time that week revolved around my thesis, working in the department store and not eating chocolate. The first days I was happy, full of energy and motivation. I was hoping it would stay that way, but towards the end of the week, I lost my drive. Do you know this? First, you are totally in the flow, almost a little too much, and suddenly it stops and you just need a break? This is kind of what happened. Luckily on Saturday I got surprised by my mom who drove all those 800km to come visit me for my birthday – Thank you! Together we spent a perfectly relaxing weekend!

CW 11: My birthday week! Right on Monday was my birthday, which I celebrated with my mom in the morning and my friends in the afternoon. And what can I say, who doesn’t love birthdays?! The week continued with work, meeting friends, getting excited about my boyfriend coming home after two weeks apart and hosting a party this weekend. I didn’t do a lot for my thesis, but I think I needed this break. I feel fresh and ready to continue writing tomorrow. And the best part about it? I finally got my new Macbook. After having my old one for 6 years, it started to get very slow and annoying-no fun! After lots of thinking and figuring out the finances I ordered itand now its here….ohh I am in love!

DSC_2015This spring weather called for lots of walks outside

DSC_2094Getting creative in the kitchenrecipe will be posted soon

DSC_2105Cozy evening at homesimply amazing

DSC_2148Morning coffee in bed

DSC_2254.jpgMy birthday!

DSC_2246Hello blueberry, welcome to my family! – I don’t know why, but I always name my laptop and things revolving around it after a sort of fruits…weird habit I guess : )

Have a great start into next week!




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