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End of Challenge # 1 and Start of Challenge # 2

First of all I am sorry for no update during the last week and no start of a new challenge. Truth is last week was incredibly busy, I got a surprise visit from my mom (Thank you so much!) and I celebrated my birthday yesterday. But now I am back!

Challenge #1.jpg

Challenge # 1

So my challenge #1. What happened? At the beginning of the week I was not craving anything, I was full of energy and positive thoughts. I managed not to eat any sweets while working in the sweets shop, even though we had awesome chocolate as free samples. Towards the end of the week that changed a little. I got stressed with my thesis and other personal things. And ended up eating lots of dates and chocolate I got from a friend.
I learned a lot about myself during this week. Too strict rules are not working for me. I can’t cut sweets out of my diet completely. Sometimes I just need them. But, I do need to work on those emotional chocolate eatings. So even though this challenge is over I still want to work on truly enjoying what I eat and try to limit my sweets. And maybe I will do this challenge again. We will see.

listen to your body.jpgChallenge # 2 

During my first challenge I thought a lot about what I wanted to try next. I felt the urge to focus on my true self this time. With so many things to do, so many people around me, so many influences, I sometimes catch myself losing track of my personal goals and the things I need to do to make my life the way I want it to be. In order to find this true me, I need to listen to myself. And for that I want to meditate. I tried it before and loved the effect it had.
So for this week I am going to try to meditate every day for 15 minutes in the evening. The first 5 minutes I want to reflect my day – What happened? What was good? What was bad? And for the rest I am going to try to focus on my breathing. I know that it will be hard not to think about anything. But I will try. I found this app, which I find very helpful. You can set up a personal meditation with your own intervals. Since I am not going to look at my watch and have my phone silent – the app sounds are still working then – , this app will help me to know when those first five minutes and the whole meditation is over.
Has anyone of you ever tried meditation? Do you want to join me?

I am looking forward to share my experience with you and maybe get to know some of your stories.



2 thoughts on “End of Challenge # 1 and Start of Challenge # 2

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