Flow Magazine

For a couple of months I was looking for a new magazine. I was tired of all the common ones – Instyle, Glamour, Neon. My criteria were high: I wanted to find new ideas, get inspired, flip through paper with an amazing texture and look at beautiful pictures.

As usual when I travel I went to the train station way to early the time I left Berlin on my last trip two weeks ago. That is typical me – I always plan enough time. I didn’t feel for standing on the platform for 20 minutes, so I decided to look at the kiosk. And almost right when I stepped in I saw the “flow” and like a magnet I was drawn towards it. Immediately when I had it in my hands, I knew I wanted to have it. Well and then I looked at the price6.95€not exactly cheap for a student. So I put it back and my inner fight began: “How can I as a student buy a magazine for 7€? But do I really want to spend 2€ on another one of which I already know I won’t enjoy reading it? But 7€ is so much money?” I think you get my point. Those are thoughts a lot of us have gone through at least once in their life. At the end my “I am gonna treat myself”-site won. And oh boy am I happy it did.

The second I sat down in the train I was already reading it. An hour later I had my notebook on my lab, was scribbling down thoughts and writing this post. If you are looking for a magazine printed on high quality paper, filled with inspiring articles and beautiful photographs you will love it.
I actually found out later from a friend that the “flow” magazine is already quite popular. I was surprised, I had never seen or heard of it before. The german “flow” only comes out three times a year, so if you calculate it 7€ are totally fine. Even if it would come out every month I would invest 7€! I am already thinking about buying the international “flow” or getting a subscription for the german issuemhhh maybe for my birthday on monday?

I think I wrote enough nowhere are some pictures!




Anyone of you bought the magazine? What do you think? Are you as excited about it as me?
Now that I talked so much about it, I think I am gonna make myself a tea, cuddle up on the couch and flip through it again. Have a nice evening – or morningor afternoon, whenever you read this : )



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