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Challenge # 1

Time is running. Everyday goes by so fast. I still feel like I am living in 2012, but oh no, it is 2014. I am getting 24 in a week (Whatdidn’t I just finish high school yesterday?) I am sure there are a lot of you out there who feel the same. I already fight the time by writing down a lot of my thoughts and my daily happenings – In my one line a day, my diary or here on my blog. Since I went to the US in 2009 after finishing high school for one year and after moving away from home to study, I changed a lot. The way I look, my style, my way of thinking. I can see my transformation. I feel as if I am getting closer and closer to the person I am supposed to be, I wish to be. I guess that is what people call growing up. I am proud of a lot of things that happened, that I made happen. Still, there are lots of ideas I want to try, to see how they work for me, to grow. Now with the time running I feel as if I lose track of all those things. Before you know it, it’s already March!
So with the fasting season coming up – which I actually never did in my life – I got the idea of starting weekly challenges. Every week another challenge. Every week another accomplishment. And I thought I share my experience here on the blog, because maybe someone of you out there feels for joining me, for supporting each other. So here we go, the first challenge is up!

Challenge #1.jpg

Challenge # 1

I am a fan of sweets. I love chocolate. I love cake. I love baking. If I would wake up tomorrow to an earth, that lost all its sweets, my life wouldn’t be the same. I used to eat sweets as comfort food, when I felt sad or frustrated. And I can eat lots of it. Since about one and a half years I started getting into a healthy lifestyle. I changed my diet. I started running. But still if something bad happened, I indulged in chocolate. Especially over Christmas I got back into this habit. I am not saying here that chocolate is bad or something you should totally avoid, but I want to enjoy eating it, really taste it and not stuff myself to make me feel “better”. There are other ways to get over such a mood (Still have to find out, what exactly those are. Any tips?)
So for this first challenge I am going to eliminate sweets from my diet. With sweets I mean basically everything sugary, everything you can buy in  the grocery store. I am not sure about datesthey are my healthy alternative, but still they have lots of sugar. I think I am going to wait for this decision, see what is going to happen this week. Probably I will only think about my birthday in a week and the cake I am going to bake for it : )
One day is almost over and publishing this here already made it a lot easier for me to accomplish my challenge. Tomorrow is going to be very hard. Next to the university I work in a department store, every time in a different section. Sometimes I sell clothes, sometimes jewelry, well and tomorrow I am working in the chocolate store that belongs to it. And what can I say, free chocolate for me. That is going to be a battle!

If anyone out there wants to join me,let me know and we can support each other.




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