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Bits & Pieces – CW 9

It’s only been one and a half weeks since I came back from Berlin, but my time there already gets blurry. Oh my, I could talk about how fast the time goes by all day. Every year it seems to be faster and I keep thinking about ideas on how to make time last longer. Can’t someone invent something against it? I know, I am funny, but it really bothers me. But isn’t it a sign that my life is busy? Shouldn’t I see it positive – remembering last week’s quote? I hope I am not the only one bothered by the time. Actually, that is also why I started this “Bits & Pieces” category, to be able to reflect what is happening. Today I also had another idea, which I will probably share here tomorrow, not sure yet if it’s too personal or something I want to publish. But then again this blog is my creative outlet, my diary, my place for self-discovery, right?
Okay, I got a little caught up back there, so this week. It started with perfect weather, a long to do list – most of it, I crossed off – and an amazing lunch break in the sun with my bestie. I had a lot of ideas for my blog, took lots of pictures for upcoming posts, but didn’t manage to post anything. I don’t actually know why. I had a lot of other things to do and got a bad gold in the middle of the week. That totally got me out of my rhythm. Luckily my hot lemon-ginger-honey helped and I managed to work for 9,5h yesterday without being completely exhausted at the end. In the middle of the week my boyfriend surprised me with red roses. And what can I say that simply made my day. He is now on a business trip for two weeks and whenever I feel like our flat is to empty I look at them and instantly feel better. Getting surprised like this, is just the best (Thank you!). Today I played around with some of my ideas, got creative in the kitchen, had a coffee in the city and lunch with my bestie again. Now I will finish this post, write in my diary and at 20.15h Tatort is on – for all my German readers.

DSC_1939Saw this chocolate in the store and couldn’t resist. I always wanted to try one with sea salt and I have to say, it is so tasty!

DSC_1993Starbucks Soy latte – first time I tried it in the sun with my bestie on Monday and I loved it!

DSC_1956Oh, those red roses…

DSC_2007With the 1st of March Spring already made it’s first appearance

DSC_1949Fighting my cold!

DSC_2001Sunday reflection with another soy latte at Starbucks (ups… how did I manage to spend money there twice this week? I guess their soy latte really convinced me.)

DSC_2009I walked by this house today on my way back home. Isn’t this light blue and pink combo just beautiful? I was amazed!

I hope you have a lovely start into the next week!



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