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Bits & Pieces – CW 8

Another week is over… I can’t believe how fast it went by. The first day of it, I was enjoying in Berlin with my family, good food and a night playing a card game, I always play when getting together with my cousinspure vacation. Tuesday I spent mostly on the train travelling across the country. Luckily I found a perfect magazine entertaining me all those 7 hours. I will show you more about it next week because I am simply too excited about it! Coming home the work for at my thesis started right away. I was planning on taking it easy the first day back, but my best friend kind of pushed me to come to the library with her. I am glad she did! After 3 days of studying I feel much more focused and relaxed – I know it sounds weird, but fighting the procrastination felt awesome! Saturday was spent working – you gotta earn some money to be able to treat yourself : ) It also made me remember about the pact I have with myself to try to always see the good in everything that happens. Sometimes I forget about it, get caught up in negative thoughts and make my day more difficult. I guess we all do that. Being grateful, trying to see the good and appreciate what I have are the principals I try to follow.  So tonight I am grateful to get a mail from a very good friend who is spending a year in India.

And as always I have some pictures of this week for you and a song that was stuck in my head the whole day!

DSC_1907flow kept me busy during my train rideI am in love!

DSC_1911Books, books and even more books to study

DSC_1896What I do when I feel like my head is spinning from all the work in the library? Baking cookies and enjoying them while planing next week and looking at fresh roses!

DSC_1922Hello sun, please stay!

Anyone else wanting to dance when listening to this?

Enjoy your Sunday evening!



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