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Bits & Pieces – CW 6&7

It is Sunday. Time to recap the last two weeks. That is what I love about those Bits & Pieces post I started four weeks ago. The ritual of sitting down on Sunday, looking through all the pictures I shoot during the week, taking out my calendar and looking at what’s written in it. Since I was on a the train for some hours last Sunday to travel home to visit my mom, I kind of forgot about posting something.

CW 6 – That week was a mix of studying, running errands, organizing my trip (I had to rebook my ticket last minute, and had the luck to talk to the most friendly employee at Deutsche Bahn- not!) and an amazing girls night, which I already mentioned in this post. I also took a break of the whole thesis writing by the end of the week and continued the break until now, upsi.

CW 7 – was spent at home, well at home in a sense of my hometown, the place I grew up. Now that I think about it, isn’t it funny how the meaning of “home” changed since I moved away almost 4 years ago? Now I have several places to call “home”, which I think I am lucky to say.
The next month will be spent most of all in the library and since I was a little worn out, I took it easy this week. I did some shopping (Oh, I found amazing stationary deals and you know how much I love notebooks!), went to the farmers market with my mom, spent a lot of time reading, cooked a lot, went running, met friends from the time we went to high school and simply tried to enjoy some relaxing time.

DSC_1554Sweet craving while studying had to be satisfied, so I came up with some kind of healthy chocolate-cookies-pancakes

DSC_1622Mhhthose delicious cupcakes from the girls night – recipe for the raspberry cupcakes can be found here and the coconut recipe will be posted next week

DSC_1711Home sweet home – good that the stairway is getting repainted next week, it is about time

DSC_1732Enjoying delicious cake from the farmers market with my mom

DSC_1748Writing my thesis will be so much more fun now!

DSC_1764I have always loved the light in our flat

DSC_1779Choosing one of my mom’s books to read

DSC_1760Happy Sunday!




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