One line a day

Two years ago I started to write a diary. I was facing some changes in my life and needed a place to collect and organize my thoughts. At the beginning I wrote only once in a while, but I slowly started to appreciate to take some time, sit down, make a hot tea and write down all of my thoughts. What started as a try to process the happenings in my life, soon turned into a hobby. Writing became an element in my life and is probably also part of the reason why I decided to blog. I wrote about my daily events, just random thoughts or inspirations I got from almost everywhere. When my week got busier and busier with different interests, I also took less time to write. Nowadays I only sit down with my diary once or twice a week. I still love it, I just don’t find the time for it. That was until I stumbled upon the perfect gift to treat myself with just a few days after Christmas  – The diary one line a day.

This diary is a little different than usual diaries. It is not just filled with blank pages, but instead with a prepared page for every day in a year. Not just one, rather five. But see for yourself!

I love the idea behind it – finding time to write a sentence every day, which – let’s be honest – every one of us has, and being able to look at what you wrote the next year. Of course first you need to manage to keep on track with it and fill the first year in order to enjoy the fun of looking back at it in the next. I think that is going to be one of my resolutions for 2014. Oh, and next to being handy and designed with a pretty layout, the outside of the pages is colored, gold – which girl doesn’t love that?

With all that being said, I think I will make myself a tea now and think about a statement of today!



4 thoughts on “One line a day

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