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Three days of Christmas

This past week was Christmas. For me that means three days of pure bliss with my family. Lots of food, super yummy cookies, long walks, chats with family members I only see once or twice a year and playing board games at night are always involved. Simply relaxation. For me Christmas is the time to let go of almost everything I carry with me threw out the year. I don’t follow rituals that I developed over the years, I don’t eat or cook the way I usually do, I don’t do my weekly sport sessions, I don’t think about upcoming appointments or my study to do-list, I don’t look at my calendar. But most of all I leave my laptop and Smartphone almost untouched.

During my travel to my family I found myself looking at the passengers in the train. I was surprised how much the image I got changed over the three years since I started studying 800km away from home. Now a days everyone is sitting in the train busy with their phones and laptops. Some are just texting or checking Facebook and Instagram, while others are really working with their devices. Getting aware of this impression, I started reflecting on my own behavior and found myself sitting there with my phone instead of a book.

So when I left the train, fully aware of my laptop in my luggage and Smartphone in my purse, I got really excited to simply leave them where they are. Don’t get me wrong, I love checking blogs, posting on Instgram or working on my pictures. But every once in while it is important for me to take a step back, turn my laptop off and stop logging in to all those social medias.

It was a pure bliss! No social media, no Instgram, no whatsapp texting, just being with my family and spending a wonderful time!

Now I am back to my old habitsfully aware and loving it.





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