Me, Myself & I

New Year, New Calendar

It’s this time of the year when you only think about the upcoming Christmas holidays, the presents you need to take care of, the tickets you have to book, the outfit you wish to wear on Christmas night and the things you need to pack. While planing all of this, it suddenly hits you that not just Christmas is coming, but also the new year.

While I did some last minute present shopping this week I landed in the  stationary section of a department store. All of a sudden I realized that I needed a new calender. I’ve always been a big fan of Moleskin. Their clean design is convincing me all over again every year. And also this year I ended up buying a Moleskin. Since 2014 is going to be super busy for me with finishing my studies, writing my thesis, working, traveling and finding a “real” job, I decided to go for a bigger version then last year. I think I found the perfect one.


The old set – calendar and notebook


The new duo





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